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Macy from the QH Tavern Poses with her Favorite Lobster

28 Jul
Macy Smolinsky from Bourne

Macy Smolinsky from Bourne stops by the Taqueria for a lunch break before the dinner rush at the Quick’s Hole Tavern

Lobster Lovely

29 Aug

Jonathan Mostow at Quicks Hole in Woods Hole, Mass.

See when you are a famous movie director, and you travel to Massachusetts with your family, your FIRST stop is the Quicks Hole restaurant in Woods Hole.  Why?  Two words:  Lobster.  Tacos.

Jon Mostow is an amazing film director — you may have seen “T3” or “Breakdown” or “U-571” or “Surrogates”  — known for his talent with huge budgets, huge-ego movie stars and cutting edge action/suspense.  We eagerly await his next film,  which he whispered to the lobster he will premiere right here in WoHo if we offer him a lifetime supply of lobster tacos.

I think he was flirting.